2014 Equity Interns

Dentistry Track


_Garces_Selina_150Selina Garces 

The University of Texas at Brownsville

Faculty Mentor: Kirsten J Lampi, M.S., Ph.D.

As a junior at the University of Texas at Brownsville, Selina maintains a 3.9 GPA, while working part-time as an intern at a private dental practice.  She's a UT-Brownsville "University Scholar" and has consistently made it to the President's List.  more about Selina

 Graduate Studies

_Akinnola_Oluwafunke_1_150Oluwafunke Akinnola 

University of Maryland Research 
Research Mentors: Andrey Ryabinin, Ph.D., and Juan Gomez, Post Doctorate

"My eventual goal is to obtain an M.D./Ph.D. so that I can use my research to help others understand more about the human body and how it works." more about Kemi

_Baumgart_Joshua_1_150Joshua Baumgart

Oregon State University 
Research Mentor: Hiroyuki Nakai, M.D., Ph.D. 

"I've been immersed into a fantastic new environment that has allowed me to gain experiences that I would have never been able to achieve without the program." more about Josh

_Ornelas_Ariadna_1_150Ariadna Covarrubias Ornelas 

Portland State University 
Research Mentor: Kari Buck, Ph.D. 

Ariadna has volunteered with Adelante Mujeres, a grassroots organization in Forest Grove, Oregon that empowers Latina women through education and building leadership capacity. more about Ariadna

_Gonzalez-Montiel_Gisela_1_150Gisela Abigail Gonzalez-Montiel

University of Portland 

Research Mentor:Show-Ling Shyng, Ph.D.

"The most important value I have learned is the hands-on experience of working in a laboratory doing research." more about Gisela

_Pengshung_Monica_1_150Monica Pengshung 

University of Portland
Research Mentor: Suzanne Mitchell, Ph.D. 

"I have been exposed to the process of planning, executing and presenting a research project. This experience has been able to open up a lot of doors." more about Monica 

_Thomas_Donald_1_150Donald Thomas 

Estrella Mountain College 
Research Mentor: Aaron Janowsky, Ph.D. 

"I believe the spread of knowledge will eliminate some of the health issues facing disadvantaged communities." more about Donald

Medicine Track

_Dao_Hai_1_150Hai Dao 

Oregon State University
Research Mentors: Detlev Boison, Ph.D. and Ursula S. Sandau, Ph.D.

Clinical Mentor: Mary Tanski, M.D.

"I empathize how hard it is to learn a second language, so I wanted to share what I have with others." more about Hai

_Geleto_Gemechu_1_150Gemechu Geleto 

Washington State University 
Research Mentor: Paul Gorman, M.D. 
Clinical Mentor: Dennis Crawford, M.D., Ph.D. 

"I strive for excellence on a daily basis. I want my future patients to know they have the best doctor in me." more about Gemechu

_Khan_Lubna_1_150Lubna Khan 

Oregon State University 
Research Mentor: Joseph El Youssef, M.D. 
Clinical Mentor: Erin Gilbert, M.D. 

At OSU, Lubna worked in a Neuroscience research lab on an Institutional Review Board certified project. Her academic advisor points out that it is rare for an undergraduate student to work in two research labs. more about Lubna

_Mohammed_Metra_1_150Metrah Mohammed 

Portland State University 
Research Mentor: Steven Bedrick, Ph.D. 
Clinical Mentors: Mohamud Daya, M.D., M.S.; and Jonathan Jui, M.D., M.P.H. 

"Through research, I want to educate my patients and the next generation of doctors to improve medical practices, processes, and policies for both patients and providers." more about Metrah

_Nader_Yaldah-Mohammed_1_150Yaldah Mohammed Nader 

Portland State University 
Research Mentor: Michiko M. Nakano, Ph.D. 
Clinical Mentor: Charles Thomas, Jr., M.D. 

"I have seen what it takes to be a compassionate provider that makes both patients and nurses feel more comfortable and well-cared for." more about Yaldah

_Morales-Ayala_Miriam_1_150Miriam Morales-Ayala 

Linfield College 
Research Mentor: Philippe Thuillier, Ph.D. 
Clinical Mentor: John Holland, M.D. 

"No individual should be deprived of their basic need of seeing a health provider due to cultural and linguistic barriers." more about Miriam

_Regalado_Carolina_1_150Carolina Regalado 

Southern Oregon University 
Research Mentor: Victor DeFillipis, Ph.D. 
Clinical Mentor: Brintha Enestvedt, M.D., M.B.A. 

"As a coalition, we are working with Planned Parenthood and Oregon Health and Science University to better understand the roots of high-unplanned teen pregnancy rates among the Hispanic culture." more about Carolina

_Regis_Dain_1_150Dain Regis 

New College of Florida 
Research Mentor: Mark Pennesi, M.D., Ph.D. 
Clinical Mentor: Donn Spight, M.D., FACS 

"Every part of this internship has been relevant to my academic and career aspirations. What I have appreciated most has been how everyone involved has my best interest at heart." more about Dain

_Zhu_Jennifer_1_150Jennifer Zhu 

Occidental College 
Research Mentor: Damien Fair PA-C, Ph.D. 
Clinical Mentor: Mark Garzotto, M.D. 

"Not only am I learning a lot about neuroscience, but I am also gaining skills about working in a professional environment with people of all ages and backgrounds." more about Jennifer

Nursing Track

_Dooley_Torrey_1_150Torrey Dooley 

George Fox University 
Faculty Mentor: Kerri M. Winters, Ph.D.

"I want to make a positive difference in people's lives, especially since I know some of the challenges life comes with, and being a nurse will allow me to do that." more about Torrey

_Jones_Eunice_1_150Eunice Jones

Western Oregon University 
Faculty Mentor: Lissi Hansen, Ph.D, R.N. 

"As I learn more about the eradication and control of diseases due to the efforts of science and public health I want to be part of the team that is building a healthier safer world." more about Eunice