Code of Conduct

The OHSU Code of Conduct guides the behavior and performance of members of the Oregon Health & Science University community. The OHSU Board of Directors, the OHSU Foundation and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation Boards of Directors, and the FPP Board of Directors have approved this Code of Conduct. It has been adopted as policy and all OHSU Members are held to its standards. As with other OHSU policies, those who violate the Code of Conduct are subject to disciplinary action.

The OHSU Code of Conduct applies to all OHSU Members, defined as:

  • Employees (faculty, represented, unclassified administrative and other categories)
  • Registered and visiting students
  • Volunteers
  • Members of affiliated boards of directors
  • Visiting health care practitioners
  • Contracted nonpermanent individuals
  • Vendors while doing business with OHSU
  • Others who work for or on behalf of:
  • OHSU
  • Faculty Practice Plan (FPP)
  • OHSU Foundation
  • Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation

"OHSU” refers to Oregon Health & Science University and includes:

  • The schools of dentistry, medicine, nursing, and science & engineering
  • OHSU Hospital, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, and numerous primary care and specialty clinics
  • Multiple research institutes and centers
  • Several community service and outreach units
  • OHSU Foundation
  • Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • Faculty Practice Plan (FPP)