A culture of collaboration

As a relatively new and growing lab, we have benefit extensively from our relationships with other established investigators and labs, especially with respect to core instrumentation and resources.  Though limited, here we detail resources in which the Worth Lab has particular expertise and is happy to collaborate or assist with as needed.  

The VEVO photoacoustic ultrasound platform.

We extensively utilize trans-abdominal ultrasound in our preclinical models.  Ultrasound is a powerful modality but exquisitely user-dependent.  As a hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgeon, Dr. Worth is certified by the AHPBA in ultrasound of the liver, pancreas, and bile ducts, and utilizes ultrasound extensively in his clinical practice.  This expertise translates well to navigating the complexities of anatomy in our tumor models and has allowed the lab to detect very early metastatic lesions in our model.  Dr. Worth provides training and support for other labs starting to use this platform.  

A microCT scanner used for preclinical studies of metastatic pancreatic cancer.

The Bruker SkyScan 1278 is a microCT designed for ultra-low dose imaging of small animals utilized in preclinical models.  The system includes an inhaled anesthetic module for keeping subjects comfortable during the noninvasive imaging, as well as a live camera and monitoring equipment for tracking vital signs and status throughout the imaging procedure.  

The Worth Lab has coordinated the funding, purchase, and installation of this platform, and is currently optimizing utility for abdominal imaging, however the platform can be customized for an array of applications including muscle mass quantification for cachexia research, bone densiometry, developmental evaluation, organ textural changes over treatment or aging, among many other exciting applications.  Please see our Contact Page to discuss utilization, training, and projects!