Dr. Sandra Rugonyi teaches a course in fluid mechanics and biotransport. It is listed in the OHSU Department of Biomedical Engineering course catalog with the following information:

BME 640 Fluid Mechanics and Biotransport

CRN: 31438
Instructor: Sandra Rugonyi, Ph.D.
Credits: 3

Description: This course will introduce basic concepts of fluid mechanics and convective mass transport. It will start with a derivation of mass, momentum and energy conservation equations for fluid flows. The importance of non-dimensional parameters such as Reynolds number and the Womersley parameter will be extensively discussed, and non-dimensional equations will be derived. Other topics will include Bernouilli's equation, low and high Reynolds number flows, oscillatory flows, interactions of fluid flows with tissue and boundary layers. The final part of the course will cover the derivation and use of mass transport equations in fluid flows. Examples from different areas of biomechanics will be discussed throughout the course.

As part of this course, each student will be asked to work on a project. Students will be encouraged to choose project themes from their own research areas or interests. Access to a finite element commercial package will be available for interested students. Through the project, students will be exposed to current analytical and computational methodologies to analyze fluid flow dynamics.

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