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Oregon Health and Science University
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Accepting rotation students 

Students who join the Purdy laboratory can expect to gain experience in a wide range of techniques. Most research projects will include some or all of the following:

Genomic analyses 

We use bioinformatic approaches to define mycobacterial stress response regulons.

Bacterial and molecular genetics 

Our approaches include transposon mutant screens to identify Mtb mutants with specific phenotypes and site-directed mutagenesis of proteins of interest.


We routinely perform protein purification and are characterizing the function of several classes of proteins. In addition, we use chromatography, mass spectroscopy and differential scanning calorimetry to better understand the architecture and composition of the mycobacterial cell wall.


We routinely assess the ability of wild type and mutant Mtb strains to infect macrophages. We use microscopy to define the niche established by the bacterium in these immune cells and we use functional readouts such as cytokine ELISAs to assess the response of macrophages to infection. We use cell biology techniques to study the mycobactericidal properties of macrophages.

Structural biology 

Ongoing studies in collaboration with other groups, will determine the structure of host antimicrobial peptides that kill Mtb and other bacterial pathogens.