About regenerative medicine

The Nakayama Lab develops regenerative and immunomodulatory biomaterials to enhance engineered vasculature, muscle, and complex multi-tissue composites to develop therapies for ischemic cardiovascular diseases and traumatic musculoskeletal injuries. We approach these engineering challenges using biomaterial spatial patterning and immunomodulation combined with insights gained through computational biology and regenerative rehabilitation.


September 2020- New Publication! Cynthia’s paper Transplantation of Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 Laden Scaffolds Combined with Exercise Promotes Neurovascular Regeneration and Angiogenesis in a Preclinical Muscle Injury Model is published in Biomaterials Science.

September 2020- New Member! Alec Breazeale joins the lab as a student in the MD program. Welcome Alec!

September 2020- Krista received an ARCS Scholars Award for her doctoral work. Congratulations Krista!

September 2020- New Members! Krista Habing and Tan Yong How (Howie) join the lab as Ph.D. students in Biomedical Engineering. Welcome Krista and Howie!

August 2020- Dr. Nakayama gives an invited talk at the Shriners Hospital for Children Research Department Seminar

July 2020- New Members! Cynthia Alcazar joins the lab as a Senior Research Assistant and Parsa Farhang joins the lab as a Research Assistant. Welcome Cynthia and Parsa!

April 2020- New Member! Dayle Hodge joins the lab as a Resident in Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine. Welcome Dayle!

March 2020- Our lab temporarily closes to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

March 2020- New Funding! The Nakayama Lab is awarded a NanoString Neuroscience Materials Grant to investigate nanopatterned engineered materials enhance tissue regeneration by modulation of neuroinflammatory pathways in a volumetric muscle injury mouse model.

January 2020 ⁠— New funding! The Nakayama Lab is awarded an R00 award through the NIH/NLHBI to investigate how spatial patterning modulates tissue revascularization and regeneration.

January 2020⁠ — New funding! The Nakayama Lab is awarded a grant through the Alliance for Regenerative Rehabilitation Research to investigate immune modulation of muscle regeneration via rehabilitative exercise and cell-free biomaterials.

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