Cardiovascular research

The Hinds Lab researches the development, progression, and treatment of cardiovascular disease. We are particularly interested in the fetal development of the heart, endothelial cell regulation of the progression of cardiovascular disease, and cardiovascular devices for the treatment of diseases.

We are currently recruiting a postdoc and RA2 to join our lab. If you are interested please contact us with your CV and research interests.

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Lab news

June 2024 – Monica presents our work at the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS) World Congress in Seattle, WA

May 2024 – Deirdre presents our work at the World Biomaterials Congress in Daegu, South Korea

May 2024 – Deirdre presents our work at the Biometal Workshop at KIST in Seoul, South Korea

May 2024 – Cole and Hillary present their work at OHSU's Research Week

April 2024 – Kira's exploratory grant is funded by OHSU's Cancer Early Detection and Advanced Research Center 

March 2024 – Kira is accorded an honorable mention for her NSF GRFP

February 2024 – Deirdre and Novella's paper studying thrombosis on nitinol stents is published in the Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 

December 2023 – The lab is awarded a new NIH R01 to study transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) materials and thrombosis with collaborators at Georgia Tech and the OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute. Congrats, team!

December 2023 –Meghan successfully defends her PhD thesis. Congrats, Dr. Fallon!

December 2023 – Rick's paper studying the influence of platelet count on a model of deep vein thrombosis is published in Platelets

December 2023 – Hillary is awarded an AHA predoctoral fellowship. Congrats, Hillary!

December 2023 – Rick's paper comparing the thrombotic and hemorrhagic outcomes of patients on heparin or bivalrudin during ECMO is published in the European Journal of Haematology

November 2023 –Hillary presents her work at a NAVBO In focus session

November 2023 –Hillary’s paper on developmental effects of maternal nutrition is published in Frontiers in Physiology

November 2023 –Hillary and Deirdre present our work at the Oregon Bioengineering Symposium

October 2023 – Meghan, Hillary, Allison, and Deirdre present our work at the Biomedical Engineering Society Conference in Seattle, WA

September 2023 – Cole joins our lab as a graduate student. Welcome, Cole!

August 2023 – Allison wins best poster award for her presentation at the Equity Research Program. Congrats, Allison!

August 2023 – Deirdre presents our work at the Symposium on Biodegradable Metals Conference in Cetraro, Italy

July 2023 – Theodora presents our work at the AHA BCVS meeting in Boston, MA

July 2023 – Hillary is awarded the Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine (PCCM) T32 award. Congrats, Hillary!

July 2023 – Meghan's paper on graduate student mentorship of undergraduate students is published in Biomedical Engineering Education