Cardiovascular research

The Hinds Lab researches the development, progression, and treatment of cardiovascular disease. We are particularly interested in the fetal development of the heart, endothelial cell regulation of the progression of cardiovascular disease, and cardiovascular devices for the treatment of diseases.

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Lab news

August 2020 – OHSU features Novella's mentorship and leadership accomplishments in its ONWARD publication 

August 2020 – Novella's paper on poly(vinyl alcohol) crosslinking is published in Cardiovascular Eng Technol

August 2020 – Deirdre's collaboration with the University of Waterloo is published in Biomaterials

July 2020 – Meghan receives a Tartar Trust Fellowship for her doctoral work. Congrats, Meghan!

July 2020 – Rick's work on the endothelial cell glycocalyx is published in Cardiovascular Research

July 2020 – Rick, an MD/PhD student, joins our lab to begin his PhD work. Welcome, Rick!

June 2020 – Matt's paper on micropatterning endothelial cells is published in Tissue Engineering

April 2020 – Deirdre's collaboration with the University of Waterloo is published in Tissue Engineering Part A

April 2020 – Avi and Claire's paper on MicroCT thrombosis testing is published in Methods and Protocols

March 2020 – The lab temporarily closes to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We continue to pursue our research from outside the lab and are grateful to our medical colleagues at OHSU and essential workers around the world who are working to keep us safe and healthy. 

February 2020 – Monica's collaboration with Aronora leads to publications in Blood and Research and Practice in Thrombosis and Haemostatsis

December 2019 – Deirdre's collaboration with the University of Waterloo is published in ACS Applied Biomaterials

December 2019 – Matt successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congrats, Dr. Hagen! 

November 2019 – The lab travels to Corvallis for the first annual Oregon Bioengineering Symposium  

October 2019 – Novella is awarded a position as an OHSU Research Leadership Scholar. Congrats Novella!

October 2019 – The Hinds Lab is featured by the North American Vascular Biology Organization (NAVBO) this month!

October 2019 – Monica and Matt present their work at the NAVBO Meeting in Pacific Grove, CA

October 2019 – Monica, Deirdre, Matt, and Novella present their work at the Biomedical Engineering Society Conference in Philadelphia, PA

September 2019 – Meghan Fallon joins the lab as a graduate student. Welcome Meghan!