About Emergency Care Research K12

Jane Scott, K12 NHLBI Program Officer (middle front) with OHSU K12 Scholars and leadership team
OHSU K12 scholars and leadership team with Dr. Jane Scott (center) during her visit to campus.


The Oregon Emergency Care Research Multidisciplinary Training Program (OECR-MTP), (NIH grant # 5K12HL133115) is a multidisciplinary clinical research program that aims to produce highly qualified emergency care researchers with expertise in research fundamentals and the skills required for success as academic clinicians and leaders.   

By the end of the training period, each scholar will be well-prepared to serve as an independent clinical researcher.

Key Features of the Program

The program focuses on three key features:

  1. Didactic training
  2. Intensive mentorship
  3. Faculty development

Specific Aims of the Program

  • To train the next generation of multidisciplinary clinician-scientists in the art and science of Emergency Care Research
  • To train scholars in research methods and team science pertinent to cardiovascular, pulmonary, hematological, traumatic, psychiatric and behavioral emergencies
  • To produce researchers whose investigations vary along the spectrum of translational research –from bench-to-bedside to clinical trials to implementation and population science
  • To increase the number of emergency care researchers and mentors from underrepresented groups
  • To expand the science of emergency care through internal and external multidisciplinary collaborations catalyzed by the training program

Scholar Benefits

Scholars will have 75% protected time for research and receive stipends for research and training as they develop their research careers.  Training will include:

  • A didactic program leading to a Masters of Clinical Research. (Scholars who already have an equivalent degree will work with their mentor team to develop an individualized course of study.)
  • A mentored research experience including designing and conducting research studies, preparing manuscripts, and grant writing.
  • A tailored professional faculty development experience