Oregon Emergency Care Research - Multidisciplinary Training Program (OECR-MTP)

Oregon Health & Science University offers scholars a multi-year training program, designed to develop independent investigators in Emergency Care Research. Each scholar may receive up to 3 years of funding, with 75% protected time for research (NIH grant #5K12HL133115).

Program Co-Directors: Craig Newgard, M.D., M.P.H. and Cynthia Morris, Ph.D., M.P.H.      Learn more about this program.

News and Events

September 2020 - Dr. David Sheridan has been working with the OHSU Technology Transfer and Business Development office and OHSU filed the patent on his K12 project technology!  

Dr. Sheridan writes, “This is a technology platform for outpatient monitoring of stress dysregulation in suicidal adolescents. The team has developed algorithms and wearable technology that is able to accurately filter and calculate heart rate variability at the wrist using photoplethysmography. It is able to address the high amount of artifact created by wrist movement and monitor specific metrics related to the autonomic nervous system. Our trial has found initial significant differences in these metrics to identify patients with higher suicidal severity as well as identify patients with improving suicide severity over time. The technology and studies are focused on suicidal adolescents but the patented platform can be used for a broad range of heart rate variability applications.”


Congratulations to Dr. Kelly Vranas who completed her 3-year tenure on the K12 program and transitioned onto a VA-CDA2 award:

Grant Title "Optimizing Critical Care for Patients with Acute Respiratory Failure: A Mixed-Methods Study."

Dr. Vranas writes, "Critical care is one of the most resource-intensive and costly components of hospital care. Substantial variability exists across VA hospitals in the use of critical care for patients with acute respiratory failure, suggesting a knowledge gap about when and how to best use the intensive care unit  (ICU) for patients who do not require life support. Furthermore, overuse of the ICU for patients who do not necessarily need critical care may cause harm and contribute to rising costs. This study will identify modifiable organizational characteristics and care processes associated with efficient, high-quality critical care. It will also lead to the development and testing of triage strategies for patients with acute respiratory failure that are sensitive to hospital-specific environments and tailored to different risk groups. Overall, this research will inform efforts to improve the value of care across the VHA, reducing unnecessary ICU use while simultaneously enabling better access to ICU care for those who will benefit most from it."

We are incredibly honored to have worked with Dr. Vranas for the past 3 years, and to assist her in realizing her goal of becoming an independently funded clinician-scientist.  

The April 9, 2020 American Thoracic Society podcast, "Out of the Blue" featured K12 Scholar Dr. Kelly Vranas and her colleagues Dr. Angela Rogers and Renee Stapleton to discuss their manuscript "Gender Differences in Authorship of Critical Care Literature".  https://outoftheblue.transistor.fm/episodes/gender-differences-in-authorship-of-critical-care-literature 

Juan Piantino receives K23 award

3/13/2020 - Dr. Juan Piantino was awarded a K23 from NHLBI today for his project titled: "A link between sleep-wake disturbances and enlarged perivascular spaces in youth with traumatic brain injury" (1K23HL150217).  Congratulations to Dr. Piantino for this outstanding achievement!


We are pleased to announce that Dr. Jason Chen has received funding from the VA Health Services Research & Development for a Career Development Award-2 (CDA-2).  This award provides salary and/or project funds to support a 3 to 5-year program of research career development and mentoring. Nominees need to demonstrate a high degree of potential in their area of interest and a strong VA commitment. By the end of the CDA-2, it is anticipated that the awardees will compete for VA research funding with the intent to establish themselves as independent investigators.

Dr. Chen's CDA-2 project is titled: "Enhancing Social Connectedness Among Veterans at High Risk for Suicide through Community Engagement".  (Grant #1IK2HX002787-01)

Meet our Current Scholars

Brenda Marsh (Year 3)              Brandon Maughan (Year 3)

David Sheridan (Year 2)

Recent Publications

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