Non-degree and Part-time Students

In addition to taking classes full-time, students can be enrolled part-time or be non-degree (not enrolled or matriculated in the program).

Students can start taking courses in any term but need to satisfy course prerequisites. For example, students need to take Analyzing Sequences before Natural Language Processing and Automatic Speech Recognition.

Taking classes as a non-degree student

Students can take classes without being admitted to the Computer Science or Electrical Engineering Master's programs.  Complete the application for on-degree admissions form, along with the class registration form. These forms are available on the OHSU Registrar's website.

OHSU requires non-degree students to have a bachelors degree. The CSEE program further requires the students have a relevant background for the courses, preferably the background needed for admission to the program.

Courses taken as a non-degree student can count towards a degree if a student is later admitted into the program. This option is especially relevant toward people who work full time and live in the Portland area. 

Students who have completed at least 4 CSEE courses as a non-matric, and received a B or better in each of the 4 classes, can apply for admission under the advanced placement option. Under this option, applicants are exempt from the GRE and TOEFL requirements and are only required to provide 2 letters of recommendation. These letters may be from the professors from which they have taken the 4 courses. All other admissions requirements remain the same. Students can apply for the advanced placement option at any time.


Students can complete the master's degree part-time. CSEE expects to offer at least one class per term at 4-5:30 p.m. and over lunch time to accommodate part-time students who have a full-time job. Students can switch between part-time and full-time and vice-versa. Part-time students can apply at any time and can start the program in any term.