Software and Services

Integrated Care Coordination Information System (ICCIS)

ICCIS is a Health Information Technology system developed by Dr. David A. Dorr through funding from AHRQ to specifically address the needs of care coordination. ICCIS is utilized to specifically address the needs of care coordination. ICCIS integrates a clinic's Electronic Health Record (EHR) data into a supplemental web application to provide comprehensive care planning, population management, and clinician reminders about best practices while reducing the need for double entry and duel documentation. ICCIS has been implemented in a diverse set of clinics and hospitals across the United States and can be adapted to differing workflows and EHR systems.


Care Management Plus is partnered with the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to provide services to their Patient Centered Primary Care Home program. Services primarily include a web-based framework to facilitate the collection of, and reporting on quality-of-care metrics from participating clinics, in an effort to improve care for vulnerable populations.

Implementation of electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs)

Implementation of eCQMs comprises a primary product and service developed by the Care Management Plus team. eCQMs are utilized to describe the coverage and quality of care for a specific conditions, and consists of comparing a specific patient population against those receiving the prescribed care for said condition. The Care Management team has the capability to implement eCQMs to specifics supplied by various publishing authorities (National Quality Forum, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, etc.)

Data visualization

The Pulse

The Pulse is a web-based application developed for the primary care practices participating in the Healthy Hearts Northwest project funded by the AHRQ. Participating practices are able to submit data for a set of four clinical quality measures that are focused on improving heart health: aspirin use, blood pressure control, use of statins, smoking cessation. On each clinic's private page, their submitted measure information (along with the aggregated progress of all enrolled clinics) is displayed in both quick-view plots and detailed tables. Clinics are also provided with a brief summary of potential errors in their data, encouraging accountability and accuracy.

Consultation services

Clinical Quality Metrics Registry

The Clinical Quality Metrics Registry (CQMR) is a project connecting the Oregon Health Authority with experts in health informatics (members of the Care Management team) through consultation services to assist with various aspects of clinical quality measure reporting. Areas of consultation services include but not limited to technical assistance for eCQM submissions, review of annual technology plans, review and analysis of quality measures and advising on workflow formatting of clinical quality measures within EHRs. In addition, to these services we also have experience in analysis and validation of eCQM submissions and development of analysis guides for users.