OHSU’s Risk Management Program includes a system for proactively identifying, managing, and resolving claims. Subject to the limitations of the Oregon Tort Claims Act (ORS 30.260-30.300) OHSU has the obligation to defend and indemnify OHSU employees, including faculty and students for claims arising out of and within the scope of their employment.

Claim Reporting

Claims may be reported to the Risk Management Department.  Notice should be in writing.  Please see ORS 30.275 for legal requirements of the notice. 

OHSU Healthcare Workforce members

Personal Property

OHSU is typically not responsible for the damage or loss of personal property owned by employees, faculty, students, patients, visitors or volunteers. In the event personal property is damaged or lost when OHSU has control and custody of the property or due to the negligence of OHSU, Risk Management may reimburse on a case-by-case basis. In the event of reimbursement, Risk Management will repair or replace the personal property with like quality.