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NIH BRAIN Initiative at Work at OHSU

OHSU neuroscientists are featured in video celebrating tax-payer funded brain research

The Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies® Initiative, or The BRAIN Initiative®, is a partnership between Federal and non-Federal partners with a common goal of accelerating the development of innovative neurotechnologies. Over the past ten years, OHSU has received over $17 million dollars in grants from the BRAIN Initiative in order to support revolutionary research in understanding the brain. Learn more in this special video created to coincide with the OHSU Brain Institute’s celebration of Congressman Earl Blumenauer, a stalwart advocate for federal funding of neuroscience research.

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Dr. Beech Burns portrait

New MRI approach effectively diagnoses mild brain injuries

OHSU researcher recommends using rapid MRI over CT scans to reduce cancer risk in young children.

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Lucia Carbone portrait

OHSU's Lucia Carbone contributed to new study in Nature

A team of researchers generated the first complete chromosome sequences from five great ape species and one smaller ape species.

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Ahmed Raslan portrait

Brain recording device receives FDA approval for trials

OHSU researcher part of team to develop and perform surgeries with device.

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