Evaluation and Consultation

What should you expect with your first visit to the Comprehensive Pain Center?

Consultation Evaluation

From the start, we aim to build a good relationship together based on mutual desires and needs. Understanding expectations is an important part of our initial meeting. We will ask what your expectations for the visit are and will share our expectations of you.

The evaluation of your chronic pain will take approximately 60 minutes, and will typically include the following:

  • Chronic pain questionnaire: This contains questions regarding your chronic pain history. We will mail this questionnaire to you at the time we schedule your first appointment.
  • General physical examination: We will focus on the specific areas that you feel pain. This is needed to objectively confirm area(s) affected, confirm current diagnoses or diagnose new areas you may be experiencing pain.
  • Sometimes you may be referred to physical therapy and/or psychology for a multi-provider approach toward managing your chronic pain. Both of these specialties require a separate 60-minute visit for them to evaluate your chronic pain. You may also be referred within OHSU or to your primary care provider for referral to other medical specialists to assist in the diagnosis and management of your chronic pain.