Research Internships

OHSU Medical Student Fellowship in Otolaryngology and Auditory/Vestibular Neuroscience

A Leading Scholarship Available for United States Medical Students Intending a Career in Otolaryngology

Established in 2010, the OHSU Medical Student Fellowship in Otolaryngology and Auditory/Vestibular Neuroscience supports a 10-week period of research in otolaryngology and auditory/vestibular neuroscience at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and residence expenses in Portland, Oregon. One fellow will be selected annually. 

This fellowship is only open to medical students enrolled in a medical school in Oregon.  Application details will be coming soon. 

Previous Ed Everts Medical Student fellows


  • Jimmy Chen, Oregon Health & Science University.  "Outcomes measurement afterfacial nerve reanimation through photo and video analysis". Mentor: Dr. Myriam Loyo
  • Daniel Russo, Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine, "A tissue clearing technique that enables visualization of the developing mouse inner ear by microinjection of water-based paint". Mentor: Dr. John Brigande


Conor Kelly, Medical College of Georgia. "Vascular density changes in the spiral ligament after cochlear implantation". Mentor: Dr. Lina Reiss


Bahir Chamseddin, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, "Spatial audition and effects on balance". 
Mentor: Dr. Timothy Hulla


  • Eduardo Carrera, University of Colorado School of Medicine: "Effect of audition on balance".  Mentor: Dr. Timothy
  • Ali Sawani, University of Central Florida College of Medicine, "Factors affecting loss of residual hearing following Hybrid cochlear implantation".  Mentor: Dr. Lina Reiss


  • Byron Etta, Oregon Health & Science University, "Ototoxic drug trafficking through mechanoelectrical transduction channels and across the blood-labyrinth barrier".  Mentor: Dr. Peter Steyger
  • Christopher Lewis, Oregon Health & Science University, "Bactericidal efficacy during otoprotection, and localization of lipopolysaccarhide within the cochlea". Mentor: Dr. Peter Steyger


Kayce Spears, Oregon Health & Science University.  Mentor: Dr. Lina Reiss


  • Pouya Yaghmaie, Oregon Health & Science University
  • Jacob Wester, Oregon Health & Science University