OHSU Presidential Bridge Funding Guidelines

OHSU Presidential Bridge Funding is awarded to investigators whose primary appointment is at OHSU. All regulations for MRF Emergency Interim Support grants are applicable to Presidential Bridge Funding grants.

Applications for Presidential Bridge Funding use the same guidelines and forms as those for MRF Emergency Interim Support grants. No additional application is needed.

If applying for both MRF Emergency Interim Support and OHSU Presidential Bridge Funding, funding up to $100,000 may be requested. Please prepare a main budget justification for $50,000, and then provide a separate rationale explaining why you need any additional funding (up to $50,000K) and why it is essential.

OHSU Presidential Bridge Funds may not be used for PI salary. These funds are meant to cover research expenses (including salary of research staff). 

Applications for OHSU Presidential Bridge Funding are reviewed jointly with applications for MRF grants by the Scientific Review Committee for scientific merit. The peer review committee will provide brief critiques of each application. Applications are then submitted to the OHSU Research & Innovation office for final funding decisions.