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The Leadership Development team contributes to the goals of continual learning and development for employees at OHSU. We believe that helping managers develop leadership skills will make them better at their jobs and will, in turn, increase employee satisfaction. We are passionate about delivering dynamic, interactive experiences that not only foster skill development, but also help participants develop peer networks on campus.

Participants in our programs can work in any of the mission areas and must have at least one direct report. We offer classes and programs targeted at leaders who are new in their roles or new to OHSU as well as classes and programs designed for more experienced leaders.

Leadership Development Program Map

Resources for newer leaders

The New Manager Leadership Essentials is designed for new managers who have been managing for two years or less.  In addition to learning valuable skills, you will begin to build a valuable network across the organization during this four-week long program.

Take advantage of the Leader Mentoring Program as a mentee. During this six-month long program, you will be paired with a seasoned leader who can help provide perspective and guidance.

Intercultural Communication for Leaders is an introductory-level day for managers who are interested in increasing their knowledge and skills to work more effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. For a deeper dive, register for Intercultural Communication for Leaders – Level 2 and the Intercultural Communication for Leaders – Booster Session.

Resources for more experienced leaders

The Leadership Foundations Program is designed for managers who have completed New Manager Leadership Essentials and managed at least a year or for those who have managed at least two years. This eight-week long program will offer higher-level resources and opportunities to network with other managers.

Brush up your skills in Leading to Engage, designed to address issues that frequently arise in the employee engagement survey.

Share your knowledge as a mentor in the Leader Mentoring Program. As an experienced manager, you can share what you know and create connections across the organization.

Take on the Leadership Challenge. Over twelve months, members will receive an article, video or other resource to practice a skill every other month.  The next month, the group will discuss progress.

Resources for directors and senior leaders

Because we know that senior leaders face specific issues and benefit from engaging with peers, we offer programs tailored specifically for directors and senior leaders. Directors and senior leaders are also welcome to attend any of the other programs provided by the Leadership Development team.

Join us for Director-Level Leadership Foundations Program which addresses more complex management and leadership skills that are needed for the success of mid-level leaders at OHSU.

Our Organizational Development team can connect you with an external coach to help improve your leadership skills or a facilitator to support you with strategic planning, team development, etc.

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