2022 publications

  1. Characterization of DREADD receptor expression and function in rhesus macaques trained to discriminate ethanol
  2. The histone methyltransferase G91 mediates stress-regulated alcohol drinking
  3. Effect of chronic intermittent ethanol vapor exposure on RNA content of brain-derived extracellular vesicles
  4. Assessing negative affect in mice during abstinence from alcohol drinking: Limitations and future challenges
  5. Regional and sex differences in spontaneous striatal dopamine transmission
  6. New insights on gene by environmental effects of drugs of abuse in animal models using GeneNetwork
  7. Noradrenergic circuits and signaling in substance use disorders
  8. KOR control over addiction processing : An exploration of the mesolimbic dopamine pathway
  9. Altered accumbal dopamine terminal dynamics following chronic heroin self-administration
  10. Impact of putamen inhibition by DREADDs on schedule-induced drinking in rhesus monkeys
  11. Brain functional connectivity mapping of behavioral flexibility in rhesus monkeys
  12. Activation of the dorsal septum increases alcohol consumption in male C57BL/6J mice
  13. Dynorphin/kappa opioid receptor activity within the extended amygdala contributes to stress-enhanced alcohol drinking in mice
  14. Serotonin modulates an inhibitory input to the central amygdala from the ventral periaqueductal gray
  15. Activation of the locus coeruleus mediated by designer receptor exclusively activated by designer drug restores descending nociceptive inhibition after traumatic brain injury in rats
  16. Ethanol consumption induces nonspecific inflammation and functional defects in alveolar macrophages
  17. Profiling of extracellular vesicle-bound miRNA to identify candidate biomarkers of chronic alcohol drinking in nonhuman primates
  18. Pairing food and drink: A physiological model of blood ethanol levels for a variety of drinking behaviors
  19. Chronic alcohol consumptions alters home-cage behaviors and responses to ethologically relevant predator tasks in mice
  20. Synaptic effects of IL-1β and CRF in the central amygdala after protracted alcohol abstinence in male rhesus macaques
  21. Individual differences in behavioral flexibility predict future volitional ethanol consumption in mice
  22. Ethanol alters the relationship between IGF-1 and bone turnover in male macaques