2023 publications

  1. Oxytocin reduces sensitized  stress-induced alcohol relapse in a model of posttraumatic stress disorder and alcohol use disorder comorbidity
  2. Structured tracking of alcohol reinforcement (STAR) for basic and translational alcohol research
  3. Tauopathy and alcohol consumption interact to alter locus coeruleus excitatory transmission and excitability in male and female mice
  4. Priorities for research on neuromodulatory subcortical subcortical systems in Alzheimer's disease: Position paper from the NSS PIA of ISTAART
  5. Systemic kappa opioid receptor antagonism accelerates reinforcement learning via augmentation of novelty processing in male mice
  6. GDNF gene therapy for alcohol use disorder in male non-human primates
  7. TLR3 activation with poly I:C exacerbates escalated alcohol consumption independent male C57BL/6J mice
  8. Alcohol dependence and the ventral hippocampal influence on alcohol drinking in male mice
  9. Kappa opioid receptor agonist U50,488 inhibits dopamine more in caudal than rostral nucleus accumbens core
  10. Integrated single cell analysis shows chronic alcohol drinking disrupts monocyte differentiation in the bone marrow niche 
  11. Agmatine reduces alcohol drinking and produces antinociceptive effects in rodent models of alcohol use disorder
  12. Dopamine D2 receptors in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis modulate alcohol-related behaviors
  13. Insula dynorphin and kappa opioid receptor systems regulate alcohol drinking in a sex-specific manner in mice
  14. Alcohol dependence modifies brain networks activated during withdrawal and reaccess: A c-Fos-based analysis in mice
  15. Kappa opioid receptors reduce serotonin uptake and escitalopram efficacy in the mouse substantia nigra pars reticulata