The government relations department advocates for OHSU at the federal, state and local levels on issues regarding education, health care, health care financing, medical research, bioscience and other areas of interest to the university. The department generates support for OHSU by mobilizing various members of the OHSU community, including faculty, staff, students, researchers, local neighborhoods and Oregon businesses to act on behalf of OHSU. The department also serves as a resource for faculty, staff and the OHSU community about current public policy issues. Advocacy and outreach programs are coordinated and directed at federal, state and locally elected representatives, agency officials, and community leaders.

The government relations department works closely with the Oregon legislature while meeting the public mission of OHSU:

  • Providing quality health care to the people of Oregon;
  • Educating future doctors, nurses and dentists to serve the health care needs of the state;
  • Providing cutting-edge research to benefit the people of Oregon; and
  • Improving access to health care and education through community service and outreach.

The mission of OHSU's government relations department at the federal level is to advocate for OHSU's programs and research activities by serving as a liaison to members of congress, the executive branch and white house, and federal agencies and their staffs. The government relations staff coordinates with others, both within and outside of the OHSU community, to generate support in Washington, D.C., for OHSU's programs. In addition, the department serves as a resource for faculty and staff traveling to Washington. D.C. to testify as experts, as well as a resource for federal officials on the most up-to-date health care and research information.