Make an Appointment

How to make an appointment to see a dietitian

  1. If you have never been seen at OHSU, call Registration at 503-494-8505 to be registered into our system. If you have been seen at OHSU before, skip to step 2.  
  2. Call your primary care physician and ask them for a referral to the Nutrition department. If they are not part of the OHSU system, they can fax this referral to: 503-418-0722 (adults) or 503-418-5317 (pediatrics).
  3. Once we receive the referral, a dietitian will contact you to schedule an appointment.  Insurance coverage will be verified after the appointment is scheduled.
  4. If your insurance company does not cover the nutrition visit, you can still see us but it will be a self pay visit. For current self-pay prices please call 503-494-8636.
  5. For patients under the age of 18 please contact the Pediatric Dietitians at 503-418-5257

Hope to see you soon!