Leveraging Modern Science for Pandemic Prevention

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On May 9 & 10, 2023, the Center for Global Child Health Research hosted Leveraging Modern Science for Pandemic Prevention, our second annual symposium. Here, researchers presented new work from three different angles through which to view the path ahead: prevention, intervention, and community engagement. 

Keynote (video link)

Introduced by Marcel Curlin, MD 

The Elizabeth Parsons Lecture in Global Childhood Health 

Ann Duerr, MD, PhD, MPH “The search for an HIV vaccine: a long and winding road” 

Session 1: Pandemic Prevention & Modeling (video link)

Moderated by Fikdau Tafesse, PhD 

  • Dan Streblow, PhD Xuan Qin, PhD “Wildfire and Deadly Fungal Infections” 
  • Emma Tornberg, BS (MS3) "Comparative performance of COVID-19 Test Methods in Healthcare Workers during the Omicron Wave” 
  • Lorne Walker, MD, PhD “Who will get sick? Predicting Individual Pandemic Outcomes in Real-time : Lessons From Pediatric COVID-19” 
  • Peter Graven, PhD “COVID-19 Modeling and Policy Impacts” 

Session 2: Interventions (video link)

Moderated by Brandon Wilder, PhD 

  • Jake Estes, PhD “A Novel Strategy to Eliminate a Unique HIV Reservoir” 
  • Tim Bates, PhD “Alpaca nanobodies as a rapid response strategy to future pandemics” 
  • Azza Idris, MD, PhD “Interventions For Malaria – A Global Pediatric Crisis” 
  • Nancy Haigwood, PhD “The Coming of Age of Human Monoclonals for Infectious Diseases” 

Session 3: Setting the Stage for Success (video link)

Moderated by David Lewinsohn, MD, PhD 

  • Judy Guzman, DO “Building trust with BIPOC families during the COVID-19 pandemic: Lessons learned" 
  • Tam Lutz, MPH & Tyanne Conner, “Strengthening Vaccine Confidence in Indian Country through communication, education and outreach” 
  • Jessica Hua & Dean Sidelinger, MD, “Stop, Collaborate, & Listen!”