SOM Diversity Faculty

Photo caption: Left to right, Drs. Bory Kea, assistant professor of emergency medicine; Interim Chief Diversity Officer Derick Du Vivier and Jennifer Huang, assistant professor of pediatrics, OHSU School of Medicine, who recently shared their views on recruiting diverse faculty. Photo by Jordan Sleeth.

Diversity is central to OHSU's core values. "Be a great organization, diverse in people and ideas" is the first goal in our Vision 2020 Strategic Plan. It sets the tone for how we operate today and where we're headed. Since 1887, we have grown into a world-class teaching hospital and teaching center that educates and cares for people from many cultures, beliefs systems, and experiences.

Center for Diversity and Inclusion

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion, lead by Derick Du Vivier, M.D., Interim Vice President, Equity and Inclusion, leads and supports the university-wide initiatives to create an environment of respect and inclusion for all people. The Center is dedicated to fostering partnerships to enhance OHSU's mission of healing, teaching, research and community services. With a range of resources and services, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion supports and empowers students, faculty and staff from all walks of life, including historically underrepresented populations.

The Power of Difference

We strive to build a vibrant environment, where the power of difference maximizes true potential for innovation, collaboration and excellence.

Embracing diversity gives us the power to be better at what we do and to demonstrate leadership in healing, teaching, research and community service. A diverse workforce and student body helps us attract and retain top talent, flourish in a competitive market and ensure flexibility to thrive.

The Power of You

Creating a community of inclusion does not just happen, and it cannot be achieved by a single department or committee. It is a transformation that occurs only when each of us embraces diversity and leads by example.