Current Scholars

Welcome AHEC Scholars!

AHEC Scholars and Dr. Wiser

Your health professions program faculty will continue to serve as your primary point of contact for all curricular questions and concerns, including clinical site placement.

The resources listed on this page represent additional resources available to enrolled AHEC Scholars.

AHEC Scholars Learning Platform

Sakai is the AHEC Scholars online learning and collaboration platform. Students will receive an email from the Education Coordinator to join. Hint: Once you are logged in, save the link in your 'Favorites' for easy access!

Within Sakai, students are able to connect with one another and with AHEC staff, access on-demand didactic opportunities, complete required reporting and evaluation forms, and share experiences.

Regional Centers

Regional Center staff support students throughout program participation, regardless of where your academic curriculum takes you. All counties in Oregon are served by one of five regional Centers and thus can offer students regionally specific information. AHEC Scholars are offered ongoing and special project participation opportunities with the regional centers, for which they earn program hours credit.

If you would like assistance in connecting with regional centers during current or future rotations, please reach out to us at Regional staff are great resources that can guide you on things such as: insights on area employers; ways to engage with and learn about the community, and fun suggested activities in the area.

AHEC System map

AHEC Scholars Enrollment

We are proud to have AHEC Scholars enrolled from four universities, representing 11 programs! The below graph shows our updated enrollment by program and cohort.

Save the date: On Sep. 21, 2024, we will hold our Annual AHEC Scholars Event. There will be an in-person option for staff and students in the Portland area and viewing parties or individual viewing available via Webex.

For our 2023 event, we welcomed guest speakers to address opioid use disorder with their interprofessional discussion on “Out of Harm’s Way: Difficult Problems and Creative Solutions for Opioid Use Disorder.” AHEC Scholars and associated staff joined the event from locations across the country, while about 75 students and program staff enjoyed networking and lunch on the OHSU campus South Waterfront location.

Data collection from the AHEC Scholars program is covered under IRB# 18471. Please contact the Oregon AHEC Program Office for more information.

AHEC Scholars Cohorts 2018-present
AY 18/19 20 5 3 16 11 0 1 15 0 0 0 0 71
AY 19/20 1 5 7 13 15 5 2 18 4 0 0 0 70
AY 20/21 1 14 5 18 12 7 8 19 4 0 0 0 88
AY 21/22 3 4 4 25 9 2 7 36 5 8 0 0 103
AY 22/23 4 1 3 16 12 0 7 33 11 1 1 2 90
AY 23/24 5 5 1 14 11 0 15 43 8 2 0 2 107
34 34 23 102 70 14 40 164 32 11 1 4 526

Now accepting poster abstracts for 2024 Oregon Rural Health Conference

Oregon students enrolled in health care professions education are invited to submit scholarly abstracts from research, quality improvement, education, workforce, practice facilitation or implementation projects. 

Selected abstracts will be presented as posters during a main conference session at the 41st Annual Oregon Rural Health Conference on Thursday, Oct. 3, 2024, in Bend, Oregon.

Email your abstract to by Aug. 2, 2024.

"My passion for my culture, its people and customs has led me to health care. Seeing the need for more education in preventable chronic disease has kept me going when school gets tough. I aspire to educate the underserved community and erase the language barrier that sometimes exists between patient and provider. Being fluent in Spanish and a native speaker gives me hope that I will reach my goal."

- Blanca Piñon, Pacific University Doctor of Pharmacy student