Current Scholars

AHEC Scholars and Dr. Wiser

Welcome AHEC Scholars!

Your health profession program faculty will continue to serve as your primary point of contact for all curricular questions and concerns, including clinical site placement. The resources listed on this page represent additional resources available to enrolled AHEC Scholars.

AHEC Scholars Learning Platform

Sakai is the AHEC Scholars online learning and collaboration platform. Students will receive an email from the Education Coordinator to join. Hint: Once you are logged in, save the link in your 'Favorites' for easy access!

Within Sakai, students are able to connect with one another and with AHEC staff, access Journal Club information, on-demand didactic opportunities, complete required reporting and evaluation forms, and share experiences.

Regional Centers

Regional Center staff support students throughout program enrollment, regardless of where your academic curriculum takes you. All counties in Oregon are served by one of five regional Centers, and thus can offer students regionally specific information. Be sure to check out the Living and Working in Oregon forum on Sakai!

Additionally, each student will be assigned a Group on Sakai, once you or your program reports the location of your experiential training.  Your Group lets you know which Regional Center you have been assigned to for your Facilitated Discussion, which will be completed after finishing 40 hours of rural or urban underserved experiential activity. 

AHEC Scholars Enrollment

We are proud to have AHEC Scholars enrolled from four universities, representing ten programs! This graph shows our updated enrollment by school and program, including 103 students newly enrolled this year.

On September 24th, we will hold our annual AHEC Scholars meeting, which will be hybrid this year. There will be an in-person option for staff and students in the Portland area, and viewing parties or individual viewing available via Webex.

Enrollment by program 2022

Data collection from the AHEC Scholars program is covered under IRB# 18471. Please contact the Oregon AHEC Program Office for more information.