Oregon Area Health Education Center (AHEC) works statewide to improve the availability, continuity and quality of health care for communities and populations in need. ORAHEC is a partnership between OHSU and five Regional Centers.

To learn more about the AHEC system, please visit:

Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA)

National AHEC Organization (NAO)


Rural Resource Guide To help communities address substance use disorder & opioid misuse. This is a joint effort of the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and brings together a listing of federal programs that can assist rural communities. 

Provider Incentive Programs - Rural Provider Tax Credit

The Oregon Office of Rural Health will be sending out Rural Practitioner Tax Credit forms in early January, 2019. If you have applied for the tax credit in the past, you should automatically receive notification. If you are a new provider, have not applied for the tax credit in the past, or did not receive your notification, please contact Eric Jordan at jordane@ohsu.edu or 503-494-4450.

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