What AHECs Do

Developed by Congress in 1971, Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) develop and enhance education and training networks within communities, academic institutions and community-based organizations. AHEC Programs are located in most all 50 states. The National AHEC Organization (NAO) comprises over 300 program offices and regional centers, serving over 85% of U.S. counties.

Program Goals

The AHEC Program is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration, Bureau of Healthcare Workforce to support the following goals:

  1. Diversity: preparing a diverse, culturally competent primary care workforce representative of the communities we serve;
  2. Distribution: improving workforce distribution throughout the state, particularly among rural and underserved areas and populations; and
  3. Practice Transformation: developing and maintaining a health care workforce that is prepared to deliver high quality care in a transforming health care delivery system with an emphasis on rural and underserved areas and communities.

Provide community-based training and education to K-16 students who are exploring a career in health professions, for the purpose of developing and maintaining a diverse health care workforce that is prepared to deliver high quality care in underserved areas or for health disparity populations.

The Guide to Health Careers is a great resource for pre-college students, teachers, counselors, librarians and parents.

AHEC Pathway Programs Stat

Prepare students to provide culturally competent health services to underserved areas and health disparity populations in a transforming health care delivery system. Education and training activities support the six Core Topic areas.

  • AHEC Scholars
  • Community-based experiential training: conduct at least 10% of required medical student clinical education in community settings
  • Support and collaborate with OHSU's Rural Health Interest Group, the Rural Medicine Discovery Program and Campus for Rural Health
  • Provide sponsorships and scholarships to rural and underserved students
AHEC Scholars Training Sites

Deliver continuing education and information dissemination programs for health care professionals, with an emphasis on individuals providing care in underserved areas and for health disparity populations. Education and training activities support the six Core Topic areas.

ORAHEC #CE Participants

AHEC structure of community-based regional Centers fosters collaboration among communities and between academic health centers, addresses the health care workforce needs of the communities served and reflects the diversity of the communities involved.

Who We Are


Hosted by OHSU, Oregon AHEC is comprised of a program office and five regional centers.  These centers serve Oregon's 36 counties within 5 regions covering 96,000 square miles; Northeast Oregon (NEOAHEC), Central Oregon (CEAHEC), South West Oregon (AHECSW) , Central Willamette Valley and Coast (OPAHEC) and Portland's Tri-County Urban area (OHWI).  These centers work collaboratively to develop a well-prepared, high quality healthcare workforce for Oregon that begins with early childhood (K-16) education, through professional training and into support for practicing professionals.

Visit our Regional Centers & Programs page for details about each of the five centers.

News and Resources

Fall Oregon ECHO Network CE Programs

Check out the Oregon ECHO Network Fall programs list! Sessions begin in September and are FREE.


  • Whole-Person Care for Children and Youth in Foster Care
  • Gender-Affirming Care Across the Lifespan
  • Veterans and Military Behavioral Health
  • Team-based Approaches to Diabetes Care Management
  • Geriatric Care in an Age-Friendly Health System
  • Integrated Behavioral Health for Pediatric Populations


  • Pain Management and SUD

Addiction Medicine

  • Hepatitis C: Treatment and Elimination
  • Hepatitis C: Community of Practice
  • SUD in Hospital Care
  • SUD in Ambulatory Care
  • Addiction Medicine Curbsides and Conversation

OHSU Residency Program Madras

New Residency Program planned for 2024

2019/20 National AHEC Organization Program Highlights