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What AHEC's Do

AHEC's were developed by Congress in 1971 to recruit, train and retain a health professions workforce for rural and underserved populations. AHEC Programs and Centers are located in most all 50 states. The National AHEC Organization (NAO) comprises over 300 program offices and regional centers, serving over 85% of U.S. counties.
The AHEC Program exists within the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to develop and enhance education and training networks within communities, academic institutions and community-based organizations.

Offer creative, hands-on and innovative health career curriculums for pre-college level students. Improve the supply, distribution and diversity of healthcare professionals in rural and underserved communities in Oregon.

Guide to Health Careers

Through AHEC Scholars, connects students to clinical experiences with rural and underserved populations, facilitating future engagement for health careers students to remain in their clinical practice regions and providing more sustainable health care in those areas following their training.

Aids in recruitment, clinical placement and retention activities to address community and state health care workforce needs customized to each region in Oregon.  Provides accredited continuing education programs and professional support to meet the needs of health care professionals, especially those practicing in rural and underserved areas.

AHEC's are designed to be responsive to local health needs and serve as an important link between academic training programs and community-based outreach programs.

Who We Are


Located at OHSU, the Oregon AHEC Program Office works in partnership with five Regional Centers, by working collaboratively to develop a well-prepared, high quality healthcare workforce for Oregon that begins with early childhood (K-16) education, through professional training and into support for practicing professionals.

News & Events

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Rural Training Track

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