Assistant Vice Provost for Assessment and Evaluation Announced

Tanya Ostrogorsky, Ed.D.

Tanya Ostrogorsky, Ed.D.
Assistant Vice Provost
Assessment and Evaluation    

It is a pleasure to announce the appointment of Tanya Ostrogorsky to the position of Assistant Vice Provost for Assessment and Evaluation.  In this role she will provide analytic support and expertise in the evaluation of academic and outreach programs.  She will be charged with ensuring that all academic programs have student learning outcomes developed and accessible to students, assess the achievement of outcomes and utilize the assessments for program improvement.  She will also be responsible for conducting rigorous student and faculty climate surveys and serve as a resource to further develop a climate of meaningful self-evaluation, assessment and continuous improvement across the academic mission. 

The Office of the Provost looks forward to working with Tanya in her new role and believe she will be a great addition to our team. Please join us in congratulating Tanya.