Ally Gallagher

allygallagher-webI was born in San Francisco, Calif., to a mother who was a fourth-year medical student. Soon after I was born, my mother pursued her residency in Boston, MA where I lived until I was 12 years old (Go Patriots!). At the age of 12, my family moved back to Northern California as a family of five, adding my younger sister and brother to the mix. I called Sacramento my home until I returned to the East Coast to pursue my undergraduate education at Dartmouth College. At Dartmouth, my days were filled with both science and political science courses along with soccer practices and grueling workouts. I was fortunate enough to play on the women’s soccer team all four years, a life-long goal of mine. Along with the many great memories I took away from college, I also found my husband. A fellow athlete and true Oregonian, he introduced me to this state I now call home. My husband John and I currently live in SW Portland with our dog Baker, and our daughter, Sadie. It has been quite an adventure beginning medical school with a baby girl at home but she makes the sleepless nights well worth it. When I am not studying, I love to take photographs, run along the Willamette river, enjoy long coffee dates, and watch plenty of college football.

As the first-born child of two physicians, I have always been interested in medicine. However, it wasn’t until the end of college that I ultimately decided to pursue medicine. After a wildly fun EMT course filled with ambulance ride alongs and Emergency Medicine shadowing shifts, I was hooked. Drawn in by the fascinating machine that is the human body and the opportunity to be empowered to help those truly in need, I set my sights on medical school.

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