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Three tips for Step 1 studying

From what I can tell on social media, these lists of things are really popular to read. So, I give to you, the second year medical students, THREE TIPS FOR STEP 1 STUDYING: DO identify a person in medical school a year or two ahead of you to whom you can relate. For example, if you have a tendency toward anxiety, appreciate highly structured days, and tend to panic when plans don’t go exactly your way, … Read More

The Power of Continuity: Reflections from the Safety Net

StudentSpeak is pleased to present this guest post by Sylvia Peterson-Perry, MS3 who is dually-enrolled in the M.D. and MPH programs.  I first met John* while on my 3rd year inpatient internal medicine rotation at OHSU. He came in to the hospital for a swollen, painful left leg, was a current active IV heroin user, was homeless, and had no possessions but the dirty clothes he was wearing. He ate the hospital food more eagerly … Read More

My First Patient

StudentSpeak is pleased to present a guest post by radiation therapy student Annie Mae Jensen. This post is adapted from Annie’s remarks at the 2015 Donor Memorial Service, which honors the anatomical donors and their families who support OHSU students through a gift to the Body Donation Program. Dr. Cameron started the term with our entire class in a lecture hall, where he explained to us what a beautiful gift we had waiting in the … Read More

Choosing a surgical subspecialty: My path to Otolaryngology

Choosing a career in medicine was one of the easiest decisions I ever made. Although I was the first out of a family of engineers to go into medicine, it was a natural choice for me. I loved interacting with people and thinking critically about the applications of science to the human body. My passion for medicine was clear. But, choosing a medical specialty was unexpectedly difficult. During the first two years of medical school, students … Read More

On being a medical student – and a human being

StudentSpeak is pleased to present this guest post by Sophia “Sophie” Davis, MS1. Sophie is a first-year medical student in the OHSU School of Medicine’s YOUR M.D. curriculum. She is also participating in the American Medical Association meeting at OHSU April 13-14 to share innovative ideas on transforming medical education. For a moment, my attention was drawn away from the patient and towards the exchanges between attending and resident physicians—the transfer of surgical instruments, hushed … Read More

Interprofessionalism Outside of the Classroom

StudentSpeak is pleased to welcome this guest post from Kelsey Priest, MPH, MS1 (M.D./Ph.D. candidate). Kelsey is the West Coast Regional Leader for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School. Interprofessionalism. What does it mean? Why is it important? What does it look like? As health professions students of the twenty-first century, we are learning and exploring the answers to these questions in our newly founded interprofessional education curriculum. I sought out interprofessional extra-curricular activities … Read More

Instituting “Affective Time Outs”

StudentSpeak is pleased to present this guest post by Larissa Guran, MPH, MS2. Instituting “Affective Time Outs” originally appeared on the blog, Wing of Zock.  This year, Oregon Health & Science University rolled out a new medical school curriculum for incoming first year students. YOUR MD is an innovative program, with a completely new schedule and focus; it is replacing the current curriculum, which is retiring after it serves my classmates and me. This is … Read More

Med School Parenting Made Easy With This One Simple Trick!

When people learn that I am both a medical student and a single mom, there are a few questions they tend to ask. These include: “Are you insane?” “Do you have a live-in nanny?” “How do you manage to do all that while maintaining such a gorgeous complexion and impressive personal physique?” “Is your family nearby?” “How do you study with a toddler around?” The first four questions are easy enough to answer: 1) Yes, … Read More


One of the big draws to OHSU for me was the preceptorship program. I was a medical scribe for 2 years previous to medical school, and I love clinical medicine. You meet all kinds of wonderful and interesting people, and although science is somewhat predictable, people are highly variable. So, I was super excited to start my preceptorship and get some patient contact. My preceptor is a pediatric neurosurgeon. I was initially disappointed, as she … Read More

Let’s talk about death

Medical school is intense, and I am not just talking about the science. People invite their doctors into their lives in very intimate ways, and illness makes us vulnerable in a way few other things can. I am in constant awe and gratitude to the patients I have met so far who have shared their stories with me in order to teach me how to be a better provider. This past fall, I started taking … Read More



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