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Featured Funding Opportunity

MEchanisms of cellular death in NeuroDegeneration (MEND) Request for Applications
A Global Funding Collaboration of the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s Research UK and the Weston Brain Institute
Letter of Intent Deadline: May 8, 2015
The MEND funding program’s overall goal is to discover and understand the mechanisms and pathophysiological processes by which brain cell loss is mediated in disease and thereby seek insights and potential targets for therapeutic interventions that would sustain healthy brain function. Applicants must have a full faculty appointment in the OHSU School of Medicine.

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What's New?

OHSU research team, led by Lucia Carbone, Ph.D., first in gibbon DNA sequencing. The team’s work has been published in the September 11 edition of Nature.

Method pioneered by OHSU researcher could become gold standard for creating embryonic stem cells. The findings were published online on July 2 in Nature by OHSU's Shoukhrat Mitalipov, Ph.D., and colleagues.