Industrial Accounts

Research Industrial Account IN EPIC

Patient Billing Services (PBS) assigns an industrial account (IA) number, also known as a research study account, to studies that have clinical services that will be paid by the study funder. It is a 9 digit number (not the OGA alias) that is unique to the study.

Studies that are being initiated and managed through OHSU's electronic Clinical Research Information System (eCRIS) will automatically generate a request for an industrial account as part of the electronic study initiation process. 

The request is initiated automatically when the study has received all necessary approvals and an OGA alias has been assigned.  It is no longer necessary for the study team to submit any paperwork directly to PBS

PBS will assign the industrial account number and enter it into eCRIS. 

 If the study does not need to have an industrial account because no clinical services will be charged to the study, a zero charge account will be created. The zero charge account is a dummy account that has no alias associated with it, and charges cannot post to it.  Zero charge requests are handled in the same manner through eCRIS as those with an industrial account.                                                                                                

It is necessary to have either an industrial (also called research) account or a zero charge account in order to associate patients in Epic to a study.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Research Industrial Account Charge Review 

Patient Billing Services (PBS) prepares a monthly invoice of all hospital charges on the research industrial account.  The invoice is emailed to the primary study contact for review and approval.  It is important that all charges be reviewed and any missing charges be identified.  PBS and the Clinical Research Billing Compliance Office (CRBO) should be notified within 10 days of the date of the invoice of approval or the need for any changes.  The CRBO will follow up in 10 days if a response has not been received.  Please see Research Industrial Account Review Procedure for detailed instructions and responsibilities.

Professional fees are invoiced separately by the Faculty Practice Plan (FPP).  A copy of the invoice is mailed to the study contact via campus mail.  The study contact reviews the charges to ensure they are correct and that none are missing.  Once approved, the invoice is forwarded to the Fiscal Authority for signature and then on to Central Financial Services (CFS) for payment.  FPP will follow up in 30 days if the invoice has not been paid.



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