Scholar/Alumni/Faculty Resources

Articles & Readings

The BIRCWH program has compiled a list of articles, readings, and websites relevant to career development including junior faculty, physician-scientists, and navigating gender disparities. This list will be updated as new resources are found. Please contact the program if you have resources you think would be a valuable addition to the list.

Burnout & Resilience

Burnout is a significant issue affecting researchers starting or advancing their careers. Below are resources to help identify and mitigate researcher burnout.

Academic Leadership

Building leadership skills is a sometimes overlooked component of a research career and can lead to a lack of advancement into academic leadership roles. The following resources are aimed at building these skills and expanding the pool of qualified candidates for leadership roles.
  • BIRCWH Leadership Webinars: The Emory University BIRCWH program hosts quarterly webinars with speakers from the NIH and national BIRCWH programs who speak on their journey and various topics centered around academic leadership development. This link has full videos from all past webinars.
  • Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM): The Drexel University-based ELAM program offers a one-year intensive fellowship centered around leadership coaching, networking, and mentoring. The aim of the program is to increase the number of qualified women candidates for leadership positions in academia. Applications for the next cycle will be due later in 2019.
  • AAMC Early Career Women Faculty Leadership Development Seminar: This 3.5 day leadership seminar is designed for women at the instructor or assistant professor level. This seminar provides hands-on mentorship and skill-building from experienced senior faculty around the country with goal of advancing women along the path to leadership. The next seminar is July 2019 in St. Louis.
  • AAMC Mid Career Women Faculty Leadership Development Seminar: This 3.5 day seminar offers the same resources as the early career seminar, but is meant for women physicians and scientists at the Associate Professor role or higher (8-15 years experience in academic medicine or science). Leadership topics covered are specifically relevant to mid-career women faculty. The next seminar is December 2019 in New Orleans.

Sharing Research & Open Science

It can be difficult to know how and when to share your data and how best to practice open science while protecting your work. Below are resources to help ensure your research is reproducible, rigorous, and transparent.

Publishing & Writing

Publications and journal selection are an integral part of a research career. Resources below can help you in publishing, finding the right journal, and making your work more likely to be accepted at your journal of choice.
  • Text Structure Analysis: This table can help you find patterns and structure in a journal's recently published articles. Using articles with similar methodology to structure your article's text can increase your writing power and productivity.

Institution-wide networking and training

Institution-wide events have been designed to facilitate career development of all junior research faculty and promote collaboration and peer support for researchers across campus.

Oregon Clinical + Translational Research Institute (OCTRI) Design Studio is a monthly event that brings expert research faculty from across campus to provide critiques and assistance for career development awardees who are writing their first grant or implementing their first funded grant. This venue allows scholars to receive advice and feedback from senior and other funded investigators across campus to improve their research proposals, including resubmissions. This has been very successful in improving the acceptance rates of scholars.

Oregon Clinical + Translational Research Institute (OCTRI) Scholars Program was created to identify and support promising early-career individuals who may benefit from OCTRI support in their efforts to obtain independent research fudning.

Career Development for Researchers - Visit this page for career development resources from across OHSU. This page has information about classes and workshops offered by Research Funding & Development Services, the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute, and more.

OHSU Research Week is a university-wide event that celebrates the excellence of research performed by students, faculty, research-ranked employees, postdocs, staff and others across all schools, centers, institutes and education programs at OHSU.

Health Services Research & Development (HSR&D) Research Enhancement Award Program (REAP) at the Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center - "Portland REAP's mission is to conduct interdisciplinary research to improve care for veterans afflicted with both physical and mental disorders."

The Center for Health Systems Effectiveness (CHSE) focuses on large scale, aggregate interactions between different elements of health care delivery systems. CHSE strives to build a community of researchers and analysts where they can come together to share information and techniques.