Center for Spoken Language Understanding Research


Our research addresses both basic and applied research in speech and language processing. Our applied research includes significant efforts in biomedical research areas such as computational biology and the nascent field of neurobehavioral engineering, which encompasses topics as diverse as augmentative and alternative communication and the discovery of new behavioral "markers" of neurological disorders such as autism and early-phase Alzheimer's disease.

Current projects include novel test input mechanisms for individuals with severe motor impairments, to enable communication via non-invasive brain-computer interfaces; measurement of prosodic anomali3es in autism using new prosodic modeling methods; and detection of pathological cognitive change in aging using "markers" derived via natural language processing.

While we continue to work in more traditional application areas for our technologies, graduate students in the Center for Spoken Language Understanding have a unique opportunity to work on technologies used to improve the quality of life of impaired populations, while also (and often at the same time) addressing fundamental basic level research questions in natural language processing or speech.

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