Recent publications

Kremen1 restricts Dkk activity during posterior lateral line development in zebrafish.
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The roles and regulation of multicellular rosette structures during morphogenesis.
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JNK-Interacting Protein 3 Mediates the Retrograde Transport of Activated c-Jun N-Terminal Kinase and Lysosomes.
Drerup CM, Nechiporuk AV (2013). PLoS Genet 9(2): e1003303.

Fgf3 and Fgf10a work in concert to promote maturation of the epibranchial placodes in zebrafish.
McCarroll MN, Nechiporuk AV. PLoS One. 2013 Dec 17;8(12). PMID:24358375

Graded levels of Pax2a and Pax8 regulate cell differentiation during sensory placode formation.
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Fgfr-Ras-MAPK signaling is required for apical constriction via apical positioning of Rho-associated kinase during mechanosensory organ formation.
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Rapid positional cloning of zebrafish mutations by linkage and homozygosity mapping using whole-genome sequencing.
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Chondrogenic and gliogenic subpopulations of neural crest play distinct roles during the assembly of epibranchial ganglia.
Maya D. Culbertson, Zachary R. Lewis, Alex V. Nechiporuk. (2011). PloS ONE, 6(9):e24443. Sep 9

Lef1 is required for progenitor cell identity in the zebrafish lateral line primordium.
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Zebrafish mnx1 controls cell fate choice in the developing endocrine pancreas.
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