COPE Study

The COPE Study

The COPE Study is currently recruiting participants.

The COPE Study is a study that aims to learn more about people’s experiences and feelings during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are currently recruiting pregnant people and new mother of children younger than 12 months.

Participation includes a series of surveys that take 15-20 minutes to complete. The surveys are sent every two weeks to see how feelings and experiences may change.

You will not be paid for being in this study, but at the end of each survey you will be entered into a drawing for a $120 Amazon gift card. One out of 40 people that participate will win. You will be notified by email and/or phone if you are the randomly selected winner. 

If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please contact the INSPIRE lab at or 503-494-5577.

This study is in collaboration with NYU and is part of a larger, international COVGEN collaboration, reach about this here [hyperlink:]