Teaching and Outreach

Dr. Heiser participates in a variety of educational training activities, including mentoring, lecturing, and curriculum development. Dr. Heiser has mentored trainees at a wide range of educational levels, from undergraduates up to medical fellows and has provided training to students in biology, computational biology, and statistics.

Courses currently taught by Laura Heiser

BME 673 Cancer Systems Biology: This course is designed to provide an understanding of the rationale and approaches used in cancer systems biology. The class will transition through discussions of the biological basis for cancer, experimental methods, experimental model systems, large-scale data resources, analytical methods, and will provide practical experience with analyzing data from a systems perspective. 

Previous courses

CONJ 670 Cancer Biology: This course is designed to provide an overview of cancer biology, with a particular emphasis of the clinical implications of the disease. Students learn about the origin and progression of various cancer types, as well as practices for detecting and treating these diseases.

Other teaching and outreach activities

Lecturer, Institute for Systems Biology Summer Course “Systems Biology of Disease,” 2018, Seattle, WA.

Mentor, NSF-NIH Innovation Lab on “The Mathematical Challenges of Single Cell Dynamics,” 2018, Bend, OR.

Member, NIH Cancer Systems Biology Consortium Outreach Committee.