Center for Health Promotion Research

The Center for Health Promotion Research is committed to excellence in education, training and dissemination of evidence-based health promotion programs to schools, community groups and the workplace. The Center facilitates translation of research programs to the ‘real world’ and ensures success by critical evaluation. The Award winning ATLAS and ATHENA programs are disseminated through the Center. Program dissemination and partnerships bring these innovative and effective strategies from research to public service.

Recapturing the healthy mission of sport

Seven and a half million students are engaged in school-sponsored athletics in the United States. School sports, however, do not safeguard these young athletes from drug use or other unhealthy behaviors. Drugs, alcohol, steroids and disordered eating practices have entered the world of high school sports at an alarming rate. In 1993, 1 in every 45 high school students reported using anabolic steroids. During the past 3 years, the number of users is 1 in 20. The ATLAS and ATHENA programs help recapture the healthy mission of sport through effective substance abuse prevention and health promotion education. With ATLAS and ATHENA, schools can provide their student athletes with the best equipment for a healthy life.

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