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Single-cell Analysis Reveals Differential Molecular Signatures in Myeloid Cells from Contrasting Models of Neuroinflammation versus Neurodegeneration.
Ajami B, Samusik N, Wieghofer P, Bjornson Z, Prinz M, Fantl W, Nolan G, Steinman L. Nature Neuroscience.2018 Apr;21(4):541-551.

Infiltrating Monocytes Trigger EAE Progression but Fail to Contribute to the Resident Microglia Pool. 
Ajami B, Bennett J, McNagny K, Krieger C, Rossi FMV. Nature Neuroscience. 2011 September; 14(9): 1142–1149.

Local Self-Renewal Sustains CNS Microglia Maintenance and Function Throughout Adult Life. 
Ajami B, Bennett, J, Krieger,C, Tetzlaff, W, Rossi, FMV. Nature Neuroscience. 2007 December; 10(12): 1538–43.

New Tools for Studying Microglia in the Mouse and Human CNS. 
Bennett ML, Bennett FC, Liddelow SA, Ajami B, Zamanian JL, Fernhoff NB, Mulinyawe SB5, Bohlen CJ, Adil A, Tucker A, Weissman IL, Chang EF, Li G, Grant GA, Hayden Gephart MG, Barres BA. PNAS. 2016 Mar 22; 113(12).

Development of Th17-Associated Interstitial Kidney Inflammation in Lupus-Prone Mice Lacking the Gene Encoding STAT-1 Inflammation.
Yiu G, Rasmussen TK, Ajami B, Haddon DJ, Chu AD, Tangsombatvisit S, Haynes WA, Diep V, Steinman L, Faix J, Utz PJ. Arthritis Rheumatology. 2016 May; 68(5): 1233–1244.

Depleting Tumor-Specific Tregs at a Single Site Eradicates Disseminated Tumors.
Marabelle A, Kohrt H, Sagiv-Barfi I, Ajami B, Axtell RC, Zhou G, Rajapaksa R, Green MR, Torchia J, Brody J, Luong R, Rosenblum MD, Steinman L, Levitsky HI, Tse V, Levy R.
Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI). 2013; 123(6): 2447–2463.

Origin and Distribution of Bone Marrow-Derived Cells in the Central Nervous System in a Mouse Model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. 
Solomon JN, Lewis CA, Ajami B, Corbel SY, Rossi FM, Krieger C. Glia. 2006 May; 53(7): 744–53.

Neural Transplantation of Human MSC and NT2 Cells in the Twitcher Mouse Model. 
Croitoru-Lamoury J, Williams KR, Lamoury FM, Veas LA, Ajami B, Taylor RM, Brew BJ.
Cytotherapy. 2006; 8(5): 445–58.