Frequently Asked Questions

How is the typical fee-for-service project agreement set up?

After you contact the BDP inbox with your request, we will schedule an initial meeting to learn about your needs and define the scope of the project. Based on the deliverables we outline during this meeting, we will provide a cost estimate. If you choose to proceed, a biostatistician will be identified to work on your project, and we will present a project agreement for your review and signature. Upon returning the signed project agreement to the BDP and adding the biostatistician to the IRB, the project work can commence.

Where can I obtain funding to work with the Biostatistics and Design Program?

Your home department may have funds for you to work with the BDP. You may be eligible for other sources of funding; here are a few resources (and who is eligible):

Search #FundingAlerts at OHSU Now—additional funding opportunities may be available to you.