Frequently Asked Questions

The goal of OHSU PREP is to provide individuals who are interested in pursing research-oriented graduate degrees (Ph.D. or Ph.D./M.D.). However, please be aware that OHSU PREP programming is specifically focused on preparation for research careers.

This program is tailored to people who identify as part of a group that has been historically underrepresented in science, which includes people from minoritized racial and ethnic backgrounds, people with disabilities, and people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds At the postbaccalaureate level, this category does not include women. The NIH includes women as one of its underrepresented categories for faculty-level initiatives and programs. 

Parental, medical, or other well-justified leave for personal or family situations is not included in the 3-year eligibility limit, nor is national service (e.g., Peace Corps, or service in the National Guard or Armed Forces Reserves). Please contact us before applying. 

July 1st, 2022

OHSU PREP does not offer housing to Scholars. However, we do provide Scholars' advice on places to live as well as public transportation options. Additionally, in the past we have had incoming Scholars find housing with other incoming Scholars and with graduate students.

 Below are some places to start a housing search:

  • OHSU Housing Postings a public link to OHSU affiliated housing offers
  • OHSU Chuckslist an internal website for current OHSU affiliates
  • Craigslist is a common forum to post classifieds in the U.S., separated by city and state. Under the "housing" section, you can find apartments and roommates
  • Trulia housing search
  • Zillow housing search
  • Apartment List - housing search  

There are quite a few other NIGMS supported PREP participating institution. Each program has their own focus and it should be noted that they are all not equivalent in research areas. Check out the other ones on the NIGMS PREP website!