How is Oregon's only academic health center working to improve health and well being throughout the state?

OHSU builds partnerships throughout Oregon. Our hospitals and clinics provide healthcare, our schools provide education, and our researchers are making new discoveries every day.

But it's only in the relationships we establish with the citizens of Oregon that our work truly begins to improve health and well being.

Here are just a few of the ways we're partnering with others to serve the state:

  • OHSU is increasing the number of primary care providers offering care to vulnerable populations as well as to residents of less-populated communities;
  • We are strengthening the diversity of the state's health care workforce, recognizing that improving health and well-being will take all of us working together;
  • We enable students and practitioners to advance their education while remaining close to where they live, through continuing education programs that span the state;
  • We provide support and expertise to healthcare providers and researchers throughout Oregon, through an extensive network of resources that make OHSU's world-class research, care, and education available to others;
  • We're improving access to health care services and information statewide, including in metropolitan neighborhoods, the inner city, and rural communities, with programs like the Partnership Project (see image);
  • We're combining education and patient care with community service; through programs like our partnership with Central City Concern, in which resident physicians learn how provide specialized care for the homeless; and
  • We encourage young people to consider careers in health care and biomedical research, through a tremendous array of internship opportunities, science education programs, and tours. 


In addition to these efforts, about which you can read more in the links at left, OHSU's employees and students contribute their individual time and expertise to schools, low-cost clinics, community centers, nursing homes, and other health care and education settings throughout the state.

Together, we are working to ensure that all Oregonians, regardless of where they live, have access to high-quality health care and education.