Application Procedures

Requirements of applicants

Applicants must be enrolled in a PhD or PsyD program that is accredited by the American Psychological Association and be pursuing a doctoral degree in clinical, counseling, or school psychology*. Further, they must be a citizen, national, or permanent resident of the United States. Individuals on temporary or student visas are not eligible.

* Note, students attending newer doctoral programs that are in the process of preparing to seek accreditation will be considered on a case by case basis. Applicants from such programs are encouraged to request that their DCT include in his/her verification of readiness comments about the program's plans for seeking accreditation.

Applicants must have completed at least three years of graduate training in psychology, two of which must be in full-time residence at the institution that will be granting the doctoral degree regardless of accreditation status. Applicants must have advanced to doctoral candidacy and proposed their dissertation by the time of submitting rankings to the National Matching Service. Significant progress toward the completion of the doctoral dissertation is appropriate and completion of the dissertation is desirable.  

We strive to recruit applicants who are well prepared for the challenges of our internship program. To that end, we seek interns who have a strong background in at least one of the following areas: developmental disabilities, assessment of pediatric/child populations, pediatric psychology, pediatric chronic illness, and child and family cognitive behavioral/behavioral intervention. Those applying to the ASD Track must have prior clinical experience with this patient population. Those applying to the Neuropsychology Track must have completed coursework in neuropsychological assessment and have prior clinical experience completing such evaluations. During the process of reviewing applications for our internship, faculty members consider the following practicum training experiences when determining whether applicants' experiences and interests fit with the program's model, philosophy, and training goals:

  • Those that involve working directly with children and/or families
  • Those that emphasize youth with complex medical and/or developmental conditions
  • Those that involve interdisciplinary and/or multidisciplinary care
  • Those that involve hospital-based care

We recognize that prospective interns are unlikely to have had all experiences listed above. However, moderate involvement in one or more practicum experiences in the areas listed above strengthens one's application.

Additionally, successful applicants are expected to have training and background in the theoretical orientation of the training program. That is, we select applicants who have didactic training and experience in models of practice that focus on using empirical data and methods to select/evaluate assessment and intervention practices. Further, those who are able to demonstrate that they are well grounded in a theoretical orientation and that they are able to use that orientation to guide care decisions are more attractive to our program.

Optimal candidates have experience with or interest in interdisciplinary care. Assessment and treatment experience with children is essential. Well-developed social skills and an ability to work collaboratively are highly valued.

OHSU is an equal opportunity, affirmative action organization that does not discriminate against applicants on the basis of any protected class status, including disability status and protected veteran status. Individuals with diverse backgrounds and those who promote diversity and a culture of inclusion are encouraged to apply. Applicants with disabilities can request reasonable accommodation by contacting the Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Department at 503-494-5148 or

The following is to be submitted for a complete application:

  • The APPIC Application for Psychology Internship (AAPI ONLINE) as it appears on the APPIC homepage.
  • The APPIC certification of readiness for internship signed by your Director of Training (part of the AAPI ONLINE).
  • An official transcript of your graduate work.
  • A current curriculum vita that includes the following (as appropriate):
    • Educational history
    • Professional experience including clinical and research endeavors.
    • Membership in professional societies.
    • Papers published, presented, and in press.
    • Other relevant training and/or experience
    • Honors and awards
  • Three letters of reference from professionals familiar with your academic, clinical, and/or research activities, utilizing the Standardized Reference Form endorsed by APPIC.
  • A description of your psychological interests and goals for the training year (which may be addressed as part of the APPIC application or as part of a cover letter).

We recognize that some applicants may be interested in being considered for more than one of our training tracks. Therefore, as part of submitting one's application via the online APPI, please select which or all of the training tracks for which you wish to be considered. In addition, to assist with review of files, in one's cover letter, applicants should express which specific track for which they are requesting consideration.

If an applicant is interested in more than one track, a single application is acceptable. The cover letter (and other application materials) should make it clear how one's background and training result in preparation for specific track(s) of interest to the applicant.

Applicants interested in more than one track should indicate whether they have a ranked preference for specific rotations or no preference. It is incumbent upon the applicant to make it clear to the selection committee one's interests and preferences. Thus, bulleted and bolded statements are encouraged as examples of approaches to doing so.

Examples of how this may be included in a cover letter include (but are not limited to):

I am requesting consideration for the following tracks, based on my ranked interest:

  1. ASD Track
  2. Special Heath Care Needs Track

I am requesting consideration for the following tracks, with no preference between the tracks:

  • Special Health Care Needs Track
  • ASD Track
  • Neuropsychology Track 

Note: expressing interest in more than one track will not positively or negatively affect your consideration for those tracks. Our selection committee will consider your interest and review available information based on applicants' expressed interests and our assessment of match with those tracks.

We ONLY accept applications submitted via the APPIC online submission system. All application materials must be submitted via this online system.

November 1, 2023

All application materials must be uploaded via the online APPI by this date.
Note: it is the applicant's responsibility to verify that application materials have been successfully uploaded.

All inquiries should be directed to:

Nicole Valdivia-Nava

Processing of applications begins in the fall and candidates should allow sufficient time for receipt and review of the completed application and receipt of the letters of reference by November 1, 2023.

Only complete applications, including letters, uploaded and released via the online APPI by this deadline will be considered. 

The IDD Division of Psychology has developed a formal selection process using standard rating methods and agreed upon criteria to assist in the decision of whether and where to rank applicants. All completed applications will receive an initial review to determine whether candidates meet minimum requirements for our training program. Based on this review, selected candidates will be invited to attend one of two MANDATORY interview days (see below). Final decisions regarding rank ordering of candidates are made following a standard rating process and group discussions involving all core faculty members involved in the internship program and will occur following the interview days.

Applicants will receive a formal invitation to attend a VIRTUAL interview day (by the APPIC Interview Notification due date of December 15, 2023 at the latest, as early as November 15). The interview day involves an opportunity to learn more about the specific training activities of the internship program and the clinical, research, and administrative activities of the core faculty participating in the internship program. Further, candidates have an opportunity to dialog with current interns. Additionally, interviews with several different faculty members are conducted. Finally, a virtual video tour of the facilities will be offered. The interview event is evaluative in nature and information, both formal and informal, gathered that day will be used in determining ultimate rank order of candidates.

Two dates will be offered for the interviews, occurring Tuesday January 9, and Friday January 12, 2024. Specific details regarding these interview events will be sent to invited applicants by no later than December 15, 2023. In order to maintain equity, and based on a positive experience in recent years, all interviews and tours will be conducted virtually this year, and all activities will be live (not recorded; please plan on attendance for the full day). No in-person visits will be accommodated, in the interest of equity and safety.

The training year runs from August 1, 2024 to July 31, 2025. Initially, interns complete an orientation that focuses on activities specifically related to psychology, including familiarizing trainees with faculty research mentors and placement options. Orientation to the interdisciplinary LEND Program occurs in September.