LEND Nutrition Fellowship

About the program

This training opportunity is designed for the registered dietitian or master level graduate student interested in developing specialized skills to serve children with special health care needs.

The purpose of the program is to provide participants with hands-on training in nutrition assessment and medical nutrition therapy for children with disabilities with particular emphasis on interdisciplinary team approach. Both population-based and individual care concepts are explored for children with a variety of chronic conditions.

Program objectives

Upon completion of the program, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand and perform a nutritional assessment on children with chronic health problems
  • Discuss common disabilities and nutritional implications
  • Discuss oral feeding skills development and implications for assessment and treatment
  • Determine nutrient needs of children with disabilities and chronic conditions
  • Perform growth monitoring including use of alternative measures of height or length
  • Identify medical and community resources for nutritional services for children with special health care needs
  • Demonstrate competence in providing culturally competent family centered care.

Students develop nutrition leadership knowledge and skills through:

  • Self-selected study of pediatric health issues
  • Examination of leadership in the care of children and adolescents
  • Clinical practice
  • Course papers and projects
  • Master's thesis or scholarly project
  • Interdisciplinary forum
  • Leadership seminars
  • Scholarly inquiry


Students are required to participate in 300 hours of training activities.

Training schedule is flexible and can be designed around other work activities. Training format includes interdisciplinary team assessments of children with disabilities, community placement, attendance at interdisciplinary training seminars, and completion of a special project (thesis/research).

How to apply

Letters and inquiries should be addressed to: 

April Mitsch
LEND Training Coordinator, Nutrition
Institute on Development and Disability
LEND Program
707 S.W. Gaines Street
Portland, OR 97239
Fax: 503-494-6868