A portrait of Dr. Rajan Kulkarni

Rajan Kulkarni, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Dermatology, OHSU Department of Dermatology
CEDAR Member, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, School of Medicine
Lab leader, Kulkarni Lab

Dr. Kulkarni’s research focuses on the intersection of basic biology, technology, and medicine to help better realize the vision of personalized medicine in cancer.  The overall goal is to couple genomic, epigenetic, and clinical information to design novel treatment strategies and ultimately improve patient outcomes. 

In his spare time, Dr. Kulkarni enjoys spending time with his family and son. He enjoys exploring the great outdoors, both in the Portland area and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

A portrait of Terri Clister, Ph.D.

Terri Clister, Ph.D.
Senior Research Associate

Undergraduate: William and Mary College
Graduate: Johns Hopkins University; USSC
Background/Interests: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

I just moved to Portland to join my fiancé and had lived in southern California the past 5 years.  The main things I missed while living there were thunderstorms and lush green forests. My hobbies include hiking and reading, so I’m excited to explore the PNW wilderness and use the extra-dreary days to curl up with a good book.

A portrait of computational biologist Rosalyn Fey

Rosalyn Fey, Ph.D.

Computational Biologist 2

Undergraduate: Berry College
Graduate: Oregon State University
Background/Interests: Biological rhythms, computational biology

I joined the Kulkarni lab at the beginning of 2023 after earning my Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Biophysics from Oregon State University. I am excited to branch out into learning about immunology and oncology, and to gain experience working with single-cell sequencing data.

Outside of lab I enjoy reading, language learning, cooking, and being in the garden with my dog, Samson.

A portrait of Zach Garrison

Zach Garrison
Research Assistant 2

Undergraduate: University of Oregon; BS Biochemistry and Economics
Background/Interests: Biological imaging

I was born in Houston TX but spent time living in Munich Germany and Singapore before settling in Lake Oswego Oregon. I grew up there and have always been interested in science and medicine. I attended the University of Oregon where I studied Biochemistry and Economics. During my time as an undergraduate, I worked in the Jasti Lab under Dr. Ramesh Jasti and Dr. Terri Lovell researching Cycloparaphenylene and its applications in biological imaging. I published a paper on a the discovery of a uniquely designed orange fluorophore scaffold titled: Synthesis, Characterization, and Computational Investigation of Bright Orange-Emitting Benzothiadiazole [10]Cycloparaphenylene.

In my free time I enjoy staying active playing basketball and hiking through the scenic Oregon national forests. I am passionate about helping those in my community and mentoring the next generation through education and sports related activities.

Connor Hall takes a portrait photo in a corn field

Connor Hall
Research Assistant 2

Undergraduate: Ohio University
Background/Interests: Wildlife and Conservation Biology

I moved to the PNW in 2018 from Appalachia and have been loving the unique nature out here. In university I studied migratory bird, bobcat and coyote populations in southeast Ohio.

In my free time I love spending time in nature, cooking and eating food, and enjoying a good book or movie.

A portrait of research assistant Nabeela Khan

Nabeela Khan
Research Assistant 2

Undergraduate: Dhaka Medical College and Hospital, Bangladesh
Graduate: University of Oregon
Background/Interests: Cancer research

A portrait of Rebecca Nichols with her dog

Rebecca Nichols
Senior Research Assistant

Undergraduate: University of Maryland
Background/Interests: I received an Associate’s degree in chemistry while I worked pro bono/intern in various research labs at a national institution of health and was included in the publishing for my work on hotspot mutations in leukemic knockout mice. Also, did research on lobsters and shell disease for the Chesapeake bay foundation and my community college professor. Fun fact, blue crabs do not like to be in captivity. So, we lobsters were used as a model. Next, I went to the University of Maryland to complete my bachelor’s in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

My hobbies outside of the lab currently include videogames, dancing (swing, lindy, Argentina tango, blues), volleyball, musicals, and going on adventures like hiking with my dog, sky.


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