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Support the Healthy Aging Alliance

By 2030, nearly one in five U.S. residents is expected to be 65 and older. The OHSU Healthy Aging Alliance seeks to address the gaps that exist between innovative aging research and scientific and technological innovation that are necessary to improve the quality of life. The Alliance’s goal is to understand the biology of aging while providing high quality care delivery for our aging population.

Philanthropic support it vital to helping the OHSU Healthy Aging Alliance achieve its mission; please consider supporting the HAA today.


Donate online to the Healthy Aging Alliance through the OHSU Foundation, which provides a secure way for you to transmit your gift online.

More information

Whether you wish to make a gift or pledge, or prefer to give to the HAA through your estate or other form of deferred giving, our development staff can help you create a gift that achieves your philanthropic and personal goals.

Learn about other ways to support the HAA on the OHSU Foundation’s website.

Why I support the Healthy Aging Alliance

“I spent fourteen years caring for my parents and did it willingly because I loved them. But it was not easy for me or my family; at times it was so difficult because of the disconnect between patients and their medical providers, gaps in the ability of doctors to have the right knowledge, gaps in making the best diagnosis, and gaps in the prognoses of what their outcomes might be. For the sake of our loved ones, we need to fill in these gaps.

The ancient Chinese have a saying about a well-lived life. Five things are paramount in providing happiness: health, wealth (spiritual), longevity, virtue, and a good ending.

I want supporters of the HAA like you to know that I truly appreciate all of you trying to make these last chapters in life for our loved ones greatly improved from what I endured with my wonderful parents.”

Marcy Houle
Healthy Aging Alliance Donor and Volunteer