About Bloodless Surgery

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) offers bloodless surgery and medicine as an option to patients who seek safe  alternatives to blood transfusion because of religious, medical or personal concerns. Our safe and effective transfusion-free techniques, used during surgeries and medical procedures, limit or eliminate  the need for blood products.

Our program that supports bloodless surgery and medicine is called the Patient Blood Management Program. This program offers patients information regarding blood transfusion alternatives and assists with coordination of care and advocacy to patients who request bloodless surgery.

Avoiding the need for blood products

Research shows avoiding transfusion can prevent exposure to blood component contamination, lower your risk for infection, shorten your hospital stay, and help you recover faster. More and more people are seeking safer and effective transfusion alternatives.

OHSU strategies for avoiding and controlling bleeding and anemia without blood transfusion when surgery is required

Managing anemia

  • Before surgery
    Screening and  treatment of preoperative anemia
  • After surgery
    Supporting  anemia with therapies such as oxygen, fluids, and medications to boost red  blood cell production, vigilant monitoring for bleeding and education materials  for how to manage at home.

Intra-operative techniques to minimize blood loss

Our experts use a variety of techniques along with specialized equipment and medications to reduce bleeding and the requirement of blood products during surgery. Techniques  and options are discussed with each patient individually before surgery and support is provided if required to assist with decision making. Our highly skilled team of experts offer patients the latest advances.