ACC and the Exacloud Cluster

Exacloud is a unique computational resource that was developed collaboratively with an Oregon corporate partner Intel. The goal of this resource was to provide unique capabilities to OHSU researchers for supporting large-scale, computational and data intensive workflows.

The primary Exacloud cluster includes over 9,000 Xeon cores with 80 TB of memory distributed across 250 compute nodes. This computational resource has 24 dedicated, large-memory GPU nodes with 96 advanced GPU's. The Exacloud architecture includes a Lustre parallel file system, currently with 1.8 Petabytes of usable storage, which can provide users of the cluster with high-speed data access even when cluster utilization is high.  Internally, the cluster uses a combination of 100 Gb/s Infiniband and 10 Gb/s copper Ethernet to interconnect the compute nodes with each other and with the Lustre storage system.

Exacloud is partitioned to enable an OpenStack virtualization environment (currently comprised of a total of 48 dedicated compute nodes) and a cluster to support clinical genomic workflows for the Knight Cancer Institute (currently made up of 24 dedicated compute nodes).

The cluster is housed at OHSU’s state-of-the-art Data Center (DCW) at our West Campus.