Emergency Funding at OHSU

OHSU investigators who are threatened by an imminent lapse in research support have two sources of emergency or bridge funding:

OHSU Presidential Bridge Funding

For the FY2018 funding cycle, the dollar amount for bridge funding is $50,000. It is anticipated that up to 10 awards will be made. Grants are made for the duration of one year from the date the funds are awarded and must be spent during that year. Funds cannot be carried forward.

Applications are due June 15, 2017 and must be submitted online through OHSU's Competitive Application Portal (CAP).


MRF Emergency Interim Support for Established Investigators Grants

Grants may be made to support ongoing research when an investigator is between grants and a hiatus would jeopardize the program. The fiscal emergency is to be described in the cover letter. Financial need as well as merit will be considered for this category of funding. Clearance request forms are not required. The maximum award is $40,000. This is also open to investigators at other Oregon institutions. Applications are due four times per year: February 15, May 15, August 15 and November 15. See guidelines for more information.



Applicants for either opportunity should plan on providing a strong, well-justified, and documented case for the financial emergency for which they are requesting funds. The Principal Investigator must be an independent scientist to be eligible for these awards. Independence is defined by:   

  • Rank at the level of assistant professor or above;
  • Committed institutional support such as space and salary;
  • A track record of first‐authored or senior‐authored publications;
  • A recent history of federal (or similar) funding.

Note: Postdoctoral fellows and similar trainees are not eligible to apply as principal investigators for these awards. New investigators, as defined by the National Institutes of Health, are likewise ineligible.