Services and Costs

General information

Use of the SARIC requires the completion of a Service Request form (see bottom of page).  The information on the form will be used to reserve a time for equipment use, for billing purposes, to determine the level of use, and to determine whether immune-compromised animals will be used.  Supervised use must be requested at least 7 days in advance.

Please review all information in the Animal Care in the SARIC page of this site prior to use.  All protocols performed at the SARIC must be approved by IACUC at OHSU without exception.  The laboratory is not currently approved for Biosafety Level >1.  Any potential exposures to infectious or toxic agents must be conveyed to SARIC staff.  Return of animals to the vivarium after imaging must be approved by the IACUC and the Veterinary staff of the Department of Comparative Medicine (DCM).  For animals receiving radionuclides, specific policies have been developed for radiation safety; please contact the SARIC staff to learn about these procedures.  Please contact the DCM for any questions regarding return of animals from barrier or quarantine housing.   It is recommended that immune compromised animals be studied as early in the scheduled day as possible.  Each user is responsible for equipment cleansing.

The hours of operation for the facility are from 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.  The laboratory is located in room 270 in the access-restricted Vivarium space on the second floor of the Medical Research Building. 

Service request

The service request form must be completed for all SARIC activity.  For questions, please contact William Packwood 503-494-4772 or Aris Xie 503-494-4669

Description of services

Use of the ultrasound and biophotonics equipment in the SARIC can be performed on an independent basis or on a supervised basis with technical support provided.  Independent use is allowed only after completion of training provided on an ad hoc basis.  Supervised use includes technical assistance in system setup, image acquisition, and image analysis.  Technical assistance will not be provided for animal handling, administration of anesthesia, or injections.  All services for the microPET/SPECT/CT system will be performed on a supervised basis.  Investigators must arrange for their own imaging probes.  Approval for all radionuclides must be obtained through the Radiation Safety Office at OHSU.

Fee schedule


  • Independent use $50/hr;  Supervised $100/hr


  • Independent use $75/hr;  Supervised $125/hr


  • $325/hr PET and/or SPECT Protocols - Supervised use only
  • $125/hr CT only Protocols - Supervised use only