Faculty Resources

The Office of Learning Support can consult with instructors about writing-related concerns:

  • Designing clear and effective writing assignments
  • Communicating with students about writing expectations
  • Incorporating writing activities into the classroom
  • Encouraging the development of stronger writing skills
  • Conducting writing workshops
  • Holding writing conferences with students
  • Responding to student writing
  • Developing strategies for working with writers whose first language is not English
  • Developing strategies for working with writers who have significant or unusual writing difficulties

Resources for AI writing tools

OHSU’s Teaching and Learning Center has published guidelines for promoting academic integrity in our current technological context, including Chat GPT and other open AI writing tools.  

Statement on Turn It In

Turnitin is an originality checker used by some courses and programs in the School of Nursing at OHSU.  Turnitin© is one of many forms of feedback that can enable writers to develop skills in source integration and citation, as well as help writers avoid plagiarism (plagiarism defined in the School of Nursing Catalog). When you submit work to Turnitin©, it is compared against web pages and student essays, as well as printed material like newspapers, magazines, and books. When Turnitin(c)© finds similarities, it generates an originality report. This does not necessarily equate to plagiarism but can be caused by shared sources or forgotten citations.

Statement on Turn It In 

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