About Learning and Writing Support

The Office of Learning & Writing Support is a free service for OHSU nursing students and faculty. Our online resources are available to everyone; they offer helpful advice for writers and instructors on a variety of topics. The Office of Learning & Writing Support provides individual student help as well as group work with students on any aspect of academic content (such as Pathophysiology and Pharmacology coursework), writing, and research. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Free one-to-one writing assistance for any kind of writing and for any class.
  • Individual content tutoring for Pharmacology and Pathophysiology courses.
  • Free handouts and guidance on APA citations, rhetorical analysis, visual design, writing in the health sciences and more.
  • Writing support for all students, including international students and non-native speakers.  
  • English conversation practice for any multilingual speakers affiliated with OHSU.
  • Referrals for additional learning support, test-taking strategies, time management and goal-setting services at OHSU.