LEND Family Involvement Training Program

Family as a discipline

Over the past decade, there has been an emerging role for a family faculty member to provide information regarding the scope of their training to each patient's interdisciplinary team. This role is important due to the experience gained from being a family member or parent of an individual with a developmental disability.

At OHSU, we welcome family-professional partnerships in the care of children with disabilities. The LEND family trainee (a parent or family member of a child with a disability) will learn how to work side by side with clinically trained staff as both 'teacher and student.'

Trainees participate in LEND Interdisciplinary Seminars for two hours on Thursday afternoons, September through May. Seminar content includes neurodevelopmental disabilities, family-centered care, research, policy and advocacy. Trainees also spend one day of the week rotating through various Child Development and Rehabilitation Center clinics. A research project and leadership opportunities are part of our multidisciplinary training program.

Because we realize caring for a child with special needs requires additional time and effort, the LEND Family Trainee position is a 16 hours per week opportunity, with a stipend provided.

Tamara Bakewell
LEND Training Coordinator, Family Involvement
OHSU Institute on Development and Disability
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Portland, OR 97239
Fax: 503-494-6868